Silkscreen Printing:
Silkscreen printing is the most popular and resilient tshirt printing technique. If methods are executed properly, it will provide a lively, sharp and competitive output. Hence, one quality printing output depends on the skills and knowledge applied by screen printers.
Simple designs with solid colors such as vectors and texts can easily be placed into shirts or any fabric. Even complicated artworks, illustrations and pictures can possibly transferred in fabrics using this technique. However, good quality screen printing output requires a high resolution of image files. provides various screen printing finishing. You can choose from discharge, rubberized, metallic, glittered, foil, emboss and more.

Vinyl transfer
Vinyl transfer can be used in both dark and colored shirts. It sets no minimum order for your designs, however, the number of colors and the design itself is limited to simple text and vector images only.
Vinyl transfer is ideal for printing designs with personalized text (ie: name, number, department etc).

Sublimation printing is best in white silk, polyester, dry fit and other thin white fabrics. It sets no color limitation of your design.
Fast,efficient and precise color output is possible, without minimum orders.


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